About Us

Who We Are

“Your strength doesn't come from winning. It comes from struggles and hardship. Everything that you go through prepares you for the next level. And your next step? Well that's your life. Enjoy it”

― John McEnroe

Our journey to help others, started from 1997.

Since 1997 we started with some other name and with some other people, we can’t stop. Upgrading necessity was all the time. so we do. And those years was our best, because they brought us here. When you are up to something, and you can choose whatever you want. To the one who wants to upgrade, you have to first. We have a choice. So, up to now we chose information technology. After all, that was the best we had. Its easy to find what is behind every success, nothing but struggle. Our belief makes us strong. we want to help others to feel powerful. We think of ourselves, the world, our own reality in all their glory.

Some Cool Facts

We Count Only Success.

Satisfied Clients

Satisfied Clients

Years of Experience

Years of Experience

Completed Projects

Completed Projects

In 1997 we started with training for Microsoft Windows 95 operating system and MS Office 97, Adobe Photoshop version 4.0 and Adobe Illustrator version 5.1. In networking we actually built a peer to peer connectivity using modem to the internet and a hub/switch between pcs, called intranet.

We Love Technology

As we like to grow, so we build a small lab for learning Microsoft Server, and Linux Server. We started to preparation for Microsoft, Novel Netware, CompTIA’s Exams. After completing preparation some of us got certified and go on. 

After success with that preparation course we started to serve services. We served many small and large companies. since then we never look back.

We started programming language courses for create some programmer. We successfully create some. But you know some people are not keep interest on us. So couldn’t go through with them so long. 

It Was a Challenge

There is always some challenges In this Technology business. Challenge in daily work life is normal, but when you think about technology in your mind and you want to go to the top you have rethink over and over because its to hard in these days. Giants are over there so you have to be more conscious and effective on your business.   

We think you need to understand what you are up to.  We see people trying to beat as the same way as a Giant because we like to beat them and people know better the way they are. People think of us as being a little tough who has a little aggression on their back and not an aggressive personality.  

On our terms and conditions we have all these issues that people had with Giants.  We have come so far in the right direction and we do not try to think differently. We believe that these kind of things happen and the fact that an older man or young woman will be around for a while make sure they understand that it is okay to go on these crazy road and be there for you.  

At the same time, you have to be disciplined and kind of put back into that little bit of comfort zone and make sure everyone else is doing the same. You have to do this.  A big dog can think it looks like a big cat but in reality it is not. And your mind needs to be open and take proper steps to not confuse what you have to do for the day and day when you have to go out.

Our Road to Success

The more you love, the more chances of success are near to you. There were as many obstacles in our journey as there were many, we also knew it would be.

We always believe in action, so we start working with all our might without thinking about obstacles.

From the beginning, we have been using Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Norton, and various application software in our work.

In one year we have got more than twenty clients and more than fifty learners. Most of the clients are still working with us and most of the students are working with a reputation in different countries of the world.
We understand the needs and requirements of the client so satisfying them was not a big problem for us. They are still with us for our reputation and trust. We are also proud to give them our service.
We believe reliability depends on loyalty. That is why we have given priority to loyalty.

You will see the benefits of your journey with us.